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building and indie business in the centre of venture capital I'm Alex Edmonds and this is the building an indie business podcast okay so today I wanted to talk about storytelling and delivery and this is about how to tell a better story and deliver your message better and I'm going to talk about how you can do that why you should do that how I came up with the idea for this episode I'm gonna give you an example a bad example and then I'm going to say what's wrong with it and then I'm going to improve it and then we're going to talk about structure how to structure our story why focus on this and the problems that you might run into while doing this for your podcasts okay so why do you want to tell be a better storyteller for your podcast because it makes your stories more interesting so how can you make your stories more interesting providing more details adding tone to your words delivering your story better meaning the voice the way you say it things like that delivery oh I think I said delivery already um structure so every story has a beginning middle and an end and that's usually the introduction conflict resolution so for example and John wick John wicks dog gets killed he needs to find the person who killed his dog and then he you know kills them okay so why bring up storytelling and delivery so I was watching this younger comedian that he's about my age and I was watching his it was special and I realized that it just wasn't funny like the way he was selling jokes his stories and then I realized it was because he was only really talking he didn't have like a voice or anything he was basically just talking like this and he was telling jokes and he had no delivery and then I remember seeing him somewhere else and it was the same thing his joke was like this and you could barely tell that he was joking and then that made me think of other comedians that I love to listen to and I love to hear their jokes and I realized what they do versus what he does and so other comedians they use their voice so Bill Berg has a bit about wanting to get a gun and he talks about how he went into a gun store and started talking to the gun owner and he used his southern accent the UH the gun owner he talked like this kinda and he said it the gun had a nice spread see he used different voices to tell a story and make the story more interesting and this is just like an average day thing and normal people go into a gun store and they don't they're not able to tell their their experience in a gun store like this another example is Andrew Dice Clay when he gives his opinion he he ends it with that's what I think sorry for yelling but that's how he ends his story or his opinion something he says about his opinion he ends it yelling that's what I think and what this does is it catches your attention and it so if you zone out during his his act yelling that's what I think will definitely get your attention back tract and so why bring this up is because as podcasters we also use our voice and we also have to tell stories so podcasters should learn how to tell a story to use storytelling to get people to listen to their podcast ok so the example I have my example is I once convinced everyone in my class that my Russian friend was from Nebraska so what's wrong with this story oh that's the story I forgot to say that that's it so what's wrong with this example it's the start of the story there's nothing there's no meat there's no you don't it's short and it provides no value it's not funny there's no lesson it's just there and you know so how can this story be improved I can add about how I did convince everyone that he was from Nebraska so how I did that was every time he brought up his heritage the fact that he was from Russia I would interrupt him and say don't you mean Nebraska and so he never really corrected me or stopped me from saying that and that added to it so yeah I never let him bring up Russia another thing is that this was in college right I believe I said that yeah in college and this was the fall semester so we had a lot of holidays coming up at this time it was October November in December so every time a holiday came up I would ask in front of the class because I sat in the front row about traditions in Nebraska so I would say hey his name is Alex Alex what is a Halloween tradition in Nebraska and then he would just like make something up and it was really ridiculous and funny same thing with the Thanksgiving in November and same thing with Christmas in December okay so how do I know people were convinced that he was actually from Nebraska um someone actually asked him if he was really from Nebraska someone was like oh hey dude are you actually from Nebraska and so yeah that made me believe that it actually worked and I thought that was really funny um and also you can add random anecdotes as well we're not random but something related that might be funny to your story so ah one thing that I could say was that this this this joking around in this this anecdote that I was creating was during the hardest college class I've ever taken and I was happy to get a C in this class c-minus in this class and I had already taken it before and I failed it so I was retaking the class but this joke was more important than me doing well in the class I don't know I just think that's funny so structure it doesn't have to be or you can create your own structure around the conflict or no the introduction the conflict and the resolution so um if you listen to this podcast constantly you'll kind of notice that this podcast has its own structure and it's not intro or problem resolution so the structure for this podcast is say something why an example so I will say something like I don't know I didn't I don't have an example in my house right now oh let me hold on okay so I will say something like use email to grow your podcast audience and then I will say why like you can grow your podcast audience through email because you're sending the email directly to people and then I will give you an example like oh this podcast I listen to software engineering daily I get an email from them every day they have a podcast and then I look at the email and if I like the subject line of the email I will listen to the episode that day okay so also within the structure of say something why an example I have specific things I bring up so I bring up how to do something like how to write the email the benefits of the email or doing email marketing for your podcast or the problems and the problems that you will run into while doing email marketing for your podcast okay so why focus on storytelling it makes your podcast more interesting when you do voices or you have like a structure and you're telling a proper story it makes your podcast more interesting and a more interesting podcast will get more listeners okay another reason to focus on this is it can be applied to other places in life so I was doing I was being interviewed and the the interviewer asked me about what I did in a previous job and I kind of had nothing - I didn't know how to tell this woman what I did in my job because it was kind of confusing I was I was all over the place so I I kind of just said like oh I wrote emails I I helped write the copy of the website I didn't talk about how oh the copy was wasn't convincing and I should have the way I needed to write it was like oh no I should have said it was like this and I made it like this when I rewrote it I didn't say that and so I still got the job but I was nervous about if I would get the job so yeah that's one way you can apply storytelling to other places in your life okay um another reason why you should focus on this is because having a set structure for your episodes it helps you write the episodes better and it helps you focus on how to write that like having a set structure allows you to not focus on how to structure the episode and it helps you write better podcast episodes so I've been doing the structure for a frat lease the year and if you notice I think at the very least that my my episodes have been getting better since uh what's the best so the first episode I started doing this was the how to interview a guest and I think that is probably one of my best episodes and ever since then I've been able to talk longer and I've been able to sound coherent in the episodes and provide more value to the listeners okay another reason why are the final reason why you should focus on this is because um people listen to your podcast you get value out of it and if you aren't producing the best content that you can you're wasting their time and time is the only thing you can't get back so don't waste your listeners time you should really be focusing on the listener and providing value that they want and producing things that they want because it's their time being used to listen to your podcast I didn't focus on the listener last year and I really regret that so I'm trying to provide more value this year to the listener okay finally the problems that you will run into when you feel focus on storytelling or just when you're doing storytelling when you're yeah when you're focusing on storytelling sorry it take time it will take time to develop a structure and learn how to structure your podcast and tell better stories for your podcast and during this time your episodes might sound really rough and people might not like that so you lose listeners and also people might not like the new structure so they'll stop listening but those who like the structure will be more loyal because you're providing better more value to the listener okay that's all I have for this episode thank you for listening I forgot to mention the survey in the beginning of the episode so if you are listening this far please fill out the survey I really appreciate it that if you would like to host an episode of the open podcast community podcast reach out to me come join the telegram chat the forum is now open the next episode is going to be about the forum yeah just reach out to me and we'll talk about it thank you for listening have a nice day bye