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Building an indie business, in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds, people on the Internet. Call me supremerumham. And this is the building an indie business podcast, recorded in the Indie business studio. Okay, so today I'm going to be talking about a new growth strategy for revenue research, and that is syndication, or re publishing current revenue research content on other websites. So I'm going to be talking about the benefits of that, the, what I might gain from it. The problems with it, and what I have to do next. So yeah, let's get into it. Okay. So, using other publications to grow revenue research. Some of the benefits are that it's free. Right. It doesn't cost me anything because I'm giving them content to make money from, right. I might even make money because some publications will give me like a penny per view. Right, so it's not a lot but I might make some money, which is cool. Right, I could put that in the revenue column for revenue research Right. Right. And then I could make it into an article, and then make it into a premium report. So yeah, that'd be cool, Right. And then also, mostly why I'm doing this though is to get more eyeballs on to revenue research right so each publication has their own their own readership right, they have their own subscribers. So, let's say Aye. Aye, I do an article or blog post with a platform that has 100,000 views or 100,000 readers. That's 100,000 potential people that maybe don't know what revenue researches, but now that there's a chance that they might read it. And even if that's 1% rate. Let's break it down. 10,000 is one or 100,000. So 1000 is 1%, one 1% of those readers, subscribe to revenue research that's 10. Right. And so, um, what was I gonna say, yeah, so that's 10 Right. And I have 15 articles, that's 150 people reading my stuff, or know that that's subscribed to my stuff that are part of the email list now. And that's just based off existing content right I haven't done anything new. And so, even then those 150 people they might share it with their people, or with their friends right so that that's exponential. And that's just one publication. What if I go to two, what if I go to three, what if I got a four. Right, so it's just my stuff is growing now, and I'm getting backlinks from all of that. So, as more people are seeing my stuff. I'm more. It's increasing the chances of people finding the stuff on Google, which it just snowballs into more organic traffic and more organic traffic, right, from just being on the platform to more domain authority. Right. Right. And then, So my posts might end up going viral. Because it's on a different platform. So, when a new post on a platform, gets created, what the platform does is they, they tweet it out, And if their followers really like that, that post, they'll retweet it, they'll like it and a lot of people will see it. So yeah, and then sometimes I get tagged in those posts because I, I've already started this for hacker noon. I'm going to talk about that in a little bit. So, I get tagged in those posts and people might really like the blog post so they follow me on Twitter, and that's, that's someone that I don't have to follow back, right, so that just snowballs into more and more. Right. And then, I'm not talking about using new content, right. So, I'm talking about using an existing content. So it's not that much extra work for hacker noon. All I do is like, copy and paste my article, and maybe do a little bit of formatting, but it may be takes 10 minutes 10 minutes for maybe 150 subscribers. That's a. I take that any day. Right. Okay. And then another benefit of this is that, Um, so, if you remember from my, my new year, my goals episode for 2020 and 2021. One of my goals is to get 12 rejections. I have not completed that goal so far, but this would help me get to that goal. So, yeah. Okay, um, publications help increase visibility on Google. Yeah, so, um, these, these are publications that have a high domain authority. They might have the domain authority of 30 or 40 or 50 Right. That's more than I have with the podcast website open podcasts and revenue research together. So, just by having a backlink on these websites. That'll help. Maybe both. Revenue research and the podcast website. Gain domain authority and get more visible on Google and get me organic traffic and that way I can just do the podcast and not have to promote any other way, which will be great. That's my goal for pretty much anything I do. Right. Okay. So then I've talked about this. I've been doing this with hacker noon. Right. And so it's not just like that hacker noon has the domain authority, know it, so hacker noon has the domain authority, and I can piggyback off that. So I have one article on Hacker noon. It's the, the airline's article for revenue research. I put that on Hacker noon. And if you Google how airlines make money. That article is the first thing to show up. So I'm getting views from organic traffic. Or no, I'm getting views, yeah, getting views from organic traffic from hacker noon. I'm because they have a high domain authority people are viewing my content, it's my most popular article on Hacker noon. 1500 people have read it. And I'm not sure if people have subscribed to my stuff because of it, probably not, but, um, my second most popular on Hacker noon my second most popular article has 200 views, so there's something there, where more people have viewed it because it's the first thing on Google. Right. And then another benefit is that other people might syndicate that publications content. So if you go look at my backlinks. on H refs on the backlink checker, you'll see that I have backlinks from like from some random website that has a domain authority of 10. Because I, it's from my article on Hacker noon, right. So, maybe if I get on a bigger publication that that syndication website will have a domain authority of 20 or 30. And the one I'm posting on has like the domain authority of 60, you know, so that's more backlinks for me, you know, um, yeah. And then another benefit is that I get to say, I've been published in these places so let's say I, I get one of my blog posts on the New York Times, I get to say that I've been published in the New York Times and that gives me credibility, I can put that on the revenue Research website, and that means more people are likely to subscribe, because they see oh like this guy's a respected writer on this topic. Right. And then I get to say I for freelance I get to say hey I've been published in the New York Times, hire me because I know I have the skills of a New York Times writer. Right. And I can I can maybe get you published in the New York Times I can show you how to do it right because now I've written you. New York Times quality content. So, it should be an easy step to getting published in the New York Times, right, that's something I could say to get more money. Right. Okay. And then, with all this syndication, I have to do less promoting, because now. Now the platform does the promoting and people see my stuff and they subscribe to my newsletter, and I don't have to do a thing. Right, I just keep publishing on the platform on the platform on the platform, and then maybe, like, some, some publications will have like an awards, and the the Year awards like best writer of 2020 best article on finance for 2020, or 2021 rate. So, um, I might have a shot at that. And that gets more people looking at my stuff because when they're voting. Some people will have to click on everything in that category to then go vote on it. Right. And that might get me more subscribers right, they click on my stuff, they go Oh I like this, let me subscribe. Okay. Um, yes. And then, with all these all these, what do you call all these publications, I'm, I'm getting new people to see my stuff, and I'm getting closer to finding the people that you know that like myself, where I can just, so maybe I started out with 10, publications, and I do it at 10 different times, and maybe two publications of those 10 I really got a lot of subscribers, maybe instead of 10 subscribers I got 50 Each time from both of them. Well then I'll stop with the other 10 in focus on those two, and I maybe found my niche. Right, yeah. Oh yeah. So, to be honest I don't know if Hacker News has led to anything but it's led to more domain authority I can say that, but in terms of subscribers which is my strategy for the syndication. Yeah, I don't know. I've gotten more subscribers from hacker noon. That's all I have to say about that. Okay. And then one thing that I might learn from all this syndication. Is that so every, every publication has their own style of editing, and I really want to learn some new editing techniques or way to edit my content, because it's one of my goals for the year. I just want to learn like, oh, how does, I want to learn to simplify my writing so much that it's solid, right so I don't have to add other words, I can just, I can learn how to simplify my writing. And like, make it more concise, so that more people will read my stuff, right, not just click on it, but they'll read it because it's short and they'll see that. Alright, so I've been, I've been doing that I noticed some words that I use that I don't have to, like, when I'm talking about something like, I'm when I'm talking about domains. And I'm saying that backlinks will increase my domain authority. Right, I can say backlinks, increased my domain authority, the more backlinks. A website has, the more valuable it is. So, I don't have to have it is my writers know that more valuable. The domain is more valuable, with more backlinks, so I don't need to have, then whatever I just said. It is right. I can just cut out the it is, and people still understand what I'm saying. So I've been learning that, but yeah, I could learn more editing techniques. Okay, so problems with this strategy. So, in my experience, I've done this with two publications, right, and some publications will first give you the backlinks. And then they take them away that happened with them. I don't want to name them, but if you look at my, my podcast workflow, you'll see that I was posting it somewhere, and then I stopped doing that. That's because they stopped giving me the backlinks. Right, okay. And then another problem is that some publications might only accept new content right so stuff that isn't previously. Like I can't submit the movie theater, blog posts, because it's not new content, they only want new stuff, right. Okay. And then, another problem is that it might take a while before I find a publication that accepts my content, right. So, um, it might take weeks to find a publication that wants my things, mostly because the submission process might take two to three weeks, like I was looking at one publication, and they said, We're taking a month for we can give you an answer whether we want this on the platform. So yeah, but there are hundreds of hundreds of publications that are willing to accept guest posts right, so that's one thing. Yeah, another problem is that they might edit my content too much or they might change something. Like I noticed that hacker noon changed revenue ideas to Alex's revenue ideas. I don't like that. Right, so, and then they also might just steal my content, like, just post it as their own and not give me credit. I've noticed that, that some publications might do that. And then they also might change my title to make it more like sound like clickbait hacker noon did this when they changed the airline article, they did the sea airline article, they changed it to like 10 Mind blowing ways an airline makes money. And it's like, no, that's for clickbait not SEO, don't do that. But they did it anyways. And then they might not let me promote my websites, so they might not let me promote revenue research, because it's like self promotion and they don't want that. And also, it's like Instagram. Instagram doesn't want you to take people away from the platform, so they kind of they use their algorithm to get that post that's promoting other things to like not get as many views you know what I'm saying. So they might do that. Um, but like, let's say I put something like, Oh, check out my newsletter at the bottom. In this case they might be like, Oh, we can't add that, or when they're adding in it. They might just not have that and then hit publish. Right, so that's another thing. Okay, so what do I have to do next. So, I have to sort through all these financial publications, and then I have to submit to them. What I'm going to do is I'm going to shop around. NBA NF TS first, just because that's like, that's something relevant to break now, in terms of like people are very interested in that. And then I can just start out with one publication and see if they accept it. And if they accept it. Then I go to another one, right. So, yeah. But uh, yeah, I don't know if I should start with just one because like, like hacker noon doesn't care if you double up on your publications right so maybe I think I have to read the rules, I have to find one that does accept it, and then we'll. Yeah, what I'll do is I'll find publications that just accept re content that's already been published, I can't remember the word for that, but yeah. And if they accept my content, I'll just keep submitting it. I'll keep submitting my content, I'll submit old stuff. I'll submit. I'll submit everything and try to get all those backlinks. If my content works well I'll continue to work with them. If they give me a backlink I'll continue to work with them, if they allow old content, then I'll work with them. As long as people read my stuff, and it's not a hassle to work with them, or work with that publication. I'll keep working for them, right, or working with them. Yeah, so that's all I have for this episode. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.