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Building, an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds, people on the internet. They know me as supremerumham, and this is the building an business podcast, recorded in the indie business studio. Okay. So, this episode is going to be about. Tik Tok. So if you guys remember the first episode I did about Tik Tok. I said that Shawe told me that there's a, there's a difference in, Like your views. After the first 50 videos, right. So, I did the first 50 videos. So I'm going to talk about all the results from that what I've learned, some other things, the current results after the first 50 videos. So yeah, let's get into it. Right, okay. So, the first three videos of the 50 videos. The three morning videos, so I did face, which is one of my face and me talking about content. Then there's the video, which is me taking a short video from overcast and having that little clip. That's the video, right, and then their screen which is a screenshot of a Tweet of the same exact content so the same exact content, three different formats. The first, the face video got 176 views. The video got 113 views, and the screenshot got 153 views. Right. And then the same format. That was the Morning Post. Then I did it in the afternoon. And that was 114 Nine, views 162 and two views. Right, so that, that, that single digit one that's concerning. Then I did the same thing at night, and it's 157 147 and 143. Right. Okay. And then I learned that you can do different voices on Tik Tok, like you can add an effect that changes the voice, it's like, like a robot voice microphone voice megaphone voice. So those are searchable, which, if you add an element that's searchable that increases visibility, which increases views. So I started doing that. Right. And I think I did one for every hour with the, with the different voice for every hour that I was up. Right. Oh, there's a helium voice too. So let me, let me talk about that. So I did 3am 158 4am 159 Five I am 156 I am 180, that pay attention to that 1am 151 9am 146 10am 166 11am 157 12pm 138 1pm 127 2pm 143 3pm 119 4pm 160 5pm 163 6pm 160 7pm 160 9pm 169 And I'm not up at 10pm enough to post a video. So yeah, and then. So, what I learned is that 7am If, if that's mostly my results are inconclusive right, it's all about the same, except for 7am and 9pm. So that means after 10, or after 9pm and at seven. That's significant. So, then I did two face videos at 7am. And that got 159 and 146. So I think it's a 180 and I do didn't do it. I didn't get it after. Right, I didn't do above one ad. After that one 7am video, right. So, yeah, inconclusive. And then, so I was posting about finance. I specifically did videos about finance where like, I, I took film budgets, film production budgets, and I listened to about a minute of it. And I summarize that in 15 seconds. I kept the video, short, right, because that's, You got to catch people's attention in a short amount of time and so I did short videos. So, I also did jokes, and I wanted to see if that made a difference, and it didn't, I got the same amount of views like 120 130 140 I did two joke videos, right, and I got the same results. So the very first videos I did on Tik Tok, they got a lot of views, it was like 500 300/201 three videos. Right. And then I read on Twitter that the reason why I haven't gotten those same results in the videos, because I've been doing the same exact content right, same type of content, is I heard that tick tock pumps up, the amount of views on your first video, your first few videos and that sucks you into the vortex. Right. So you want to keep posting and getting those same results, so you keep doing the same thing and just keep posting, because that's what they want, they want you to keep posting right. Okay. And then, I was looking at my page right, And I was looking at the videos because I didn't turn on analytics right away, because I didn't know how to do that. And then I did. And then it wouldn't give me the results of the videos that I haven't posted previously, but I noticed something interesting. So I wasn't getting all the notifications that like interaction that I was having on the videos. So people were liking and commenting on the videos, but that never showed up in my notifications. It only showed up when I clicked on a video. So, when I posted a video. I got no notifications, but then I clicked on the video, and it showed that I had like 20 Likes 10 Likes five likes. So people were liking the videos, they were commenting too, but they weren't following me, so I thought that was weird, right, they follow me know they like my stuff, but they don't actually follow me, right. So then, the analytics, the analytics showed me where people were finding my content. It would, It wouldn't show me detailed content or detailed analytics, it would show me where people were finding my content, and they had showed me two options right. They showed me it was coming from the for you page, which is like the news feed of Twitter. And then there were, oh the following page right so people who followed me. And then, right, did what I wanted, though, is I want like detailed analytics, I want to see, oh they were coming from this hashtag. They were coming from the search, they were searching for, you know, finance, and they found your video, right, that's what I wanted. And then they have other analytics but I need 100 followers to get that analytics, and I don't have 100 followers. So, what they would show me if I had 100 followers. Let me go on Tik Tok and see, they show me that. Let's see, going through view analytics, followers. No, it will not follow. Oh, it would show me like gender, it would show me like top territories, it would show me follower activities which is time is when your followers are most active on Tik Tok. So, yeah. Okay. Um, what else do I say, yeah, so after my time posts an experiment, I don't think it matters. Yeah, so it would show me when my followers are most active but I don't think that wouldn't matter. Right. And then I stopped, promoting to the indie hackers, like the jaegers hashtag I moved to like finance people, people are interested in, that are interested in finance. And the reason why I did this is because the indie hackers on Tik Tok, they're like, drop shipping bros or affiliate bros right they don't actually build their own product they don't sell their own product, they're not programmers, they're just affiliate bros, which I don't consider those people in the ACARS because, yeah, okay. And then I said, I would interact with people more on Tik Tok. But it's too much work. I try to find people from Twitter, but they're hard to find because there's no like crossover. I like when people post a video on Twitter. I like. Check the corner of the video for their, their, like, Tik Tok username. But, uh, that's about it. There's not a lot of people posting tick tock videos in my circle of people, Right, so there's that. Okay. And then current results. So right now I have 15 followers. Not a lot, I know, trust me. I had 16 But someone that I knew unfollowed me so that's I'm cool. But, eight of my father was a strangers, which is double, how many strangers I had following me before. So, yeah, that's about it. And then I have 317 likes from my videos. So, yeah, that's my first 50 update. I hope you enjoyed it. That's all I have. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.