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Building an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds, also known as supremerumham on the internet. And this is the building and the business podcast. All right. So today I want to talk about Twitter. I have been using Twitter, more often and have a new strategy on how to grow my Twitter following. So I'm going to talk about why I started to put more effort into Twitter. And I have a breakdown of everything I do each day. And then I'm going to talk about what I'm working on, to improve my Twitter strategy, I guess what I've worked on like things I've tried, providing value. And if this is working or not. Alright, so let's get into it. Why have I started putting more effort in the Twitter and why did I develop this new strategy, mostly because I realized that it doesn't hurt to have a bigger Twitter following and to put more effort into it. Because the more people see my Twitter account. Then, the more people that will click on my stuff and become an email subscriber which is my ultimate goal. Okay. So, on Monday, what I do is I have a tweet storm, have a summary of the episode that was released on that day. Right. Um, the reason why I do this. Well first, what is a tweet storm, a tweet storm is when there's like a string of tweets that I keep replying to better my own. So I'll tweet out saying when I talk about the topic of the episode. And then I do like one, and I talked about the first topic, and I do too want to talk about the second topic, and I do that till I till I finish, right. So why do I do a tweet storm, instead of just linking to the episode. The reason why I do that is because on people on Twitter, when they're on Twitter, they don't really want to leave the platform, right. So a tweet storm. It keeps people on the platform. And then at the end of the tweet storm. I have a link to the episode. And that's just to round it off. It's hard to miss a tweet storm, because there's so many. I have at least 15 tweets port per tweet storm. Right. So, they're all in a row, because Twitter has a feature where you can create your own tweet storm and then tweet it out, all at once. So it's just this giant thing on someone's feed. And it's hard to miss. Right. So, it's better than having one tweet, and that that gets caught in someone's feed. So Tuesday. It's kind of random, but I I tweet out something I'm working on. So like one day, I added social sharing to revenue research. And so I tweeted that out like a preview of that, what it looked like on my phone. And then another day I was working on the 404 page for the podcast website. And so I tweeted out a video of what that looked like because I had a graphic, no it's not a graphic it was some CSS, a sliding element. That's what it was. And so I tweeted out a video of showing that. So that was one thing. And then I was working on Twitter cards on one day, one Tuesday. And I tweeted out with thread of how to make Twitter cards, and then what my Twitter card looked like on each of my websites are now on the revenue research website. Okay, so Wednesday. I do a work in progress. Episode. And what this is, is a picture of the outline that I will be recording. On Wednesday, or no on Friday, I tweeted out on Wednesday. Okay. And so this is a little preview of the content that I'm working on. And the reason why I do this is I read on Twitter that someone said that your current content, what you're working on now is content for your audience. So it's a little preview. And it's a picture so it's more likely to pop out on someone's feed than just me writing. Right. Okay, so on Thursday, what I do as I tweet out my written content. Links are to the, to the written content. And the reason why I only do a link is because I've already talked about whatever content. before through the podcast episode. So, I'm to tweet out. The, the, the written content in a tweet storm would be a little repetitive and I don't think that is appropriate. Our people would like that. I'm thinking of doing a tweet storm every Thursday for the, the new episode that comes out on the personal episode, like like this episode right. Um, so, but I don't know cuz it's a little personal, and I don't know feel like some of them will be appropriate to tweet out but I don't think like truly personal episodes will be appropriate to tweet out. I don't know I haven't decided yet. Okay, and then Friday. I do a Patreon post, and I let people know that the new episode is on Patreon. Fun stuff. And then I have an auto tweet, for every time I stream, the podcast or just stream in general. So, I leave those out sometimes I'll delete them after I finish streaming but lately I've been leaving them. Right. So Saturday, Saturday is the weekend. Not many people use Twitter, on the weekend. So I tweet something out kind of casual. Sometimes I do a word cloud of the transcript of the podcast and that's just a little fun thing every time I, they can see every time I make a mistake or say something weird over and over. Yeah, and that's just a little fun. Sunday and other weekend, you know. Lately I've been doing polls, asking people what they want to see on the podcast if they want to see me interview. If they want to see me do Thursday episodes, or just a random question on Halloween is did you opay, take one signs, when you were a kid. And the reason why I asked that is because my mom put a take one sign out on Halloween. And I was like, kids don't obey that right. And she was like yes they do and so I use Twitter to help people. I helped me win the argument with my mom and I was wrong. Yeah, so that that's the thing. And then on Sunday I used to do a shout out to someone's podcasts that I started listening to. And I stopped doing that because I don't want to be the podcast guy anymore. So I'm not going to talk about podcasting for a podcast. Yeah, so that's unfortunate, but uh, I started to give a preview of the week's episode, just like a little thing about it being like, Hey, this week's episode is about something, you can listen to it. Here, and I tweet out a link or something like that. One week I talked about Bill Burr because he was on SNL when people at our reaction to it. And I explained my point of view as someone who is a big comedy fan. Right. Yeah. So, what I'm working on is the first thing following more people, because I used to follow only 10 people like something like that in between 10 and 20, and they were mostly comedians. So I wanted to follow more people so that they would follow me back. Yeah. And then using gifts. Not chips gifts and tweet storms, and that way. The gifts are more eye catching because they stand out. I've talked about this before but when you just tweet words. It's uniform, and you can't really have an eye popping tweet, right, because it's uniform. Right. And so the GIF will stand out more, because it's more color popping out at them, or people, then I'm, I'm working on, posting funny content just out of blue right. No, no structure to it. Like videos. Every time I see a video from a funny comic. I try to post that so that, you know, I inject my personality but I let people see what else I'm into besides tech, let them find comics and maybe other people see my tweets and they they let me know that they like that comic Can we start talking more. Right. Um, I'm also trying to talk with people with by direct message. I have a hard time doing this because I don't really know what to say. And it could really be awkward depending on person. They might think I'm weird or like asking them for something, but I just want to interact with them. Also I've been working on interacting with people through comments, usually by asking questions about their tweets answering them or pointing them in the direction of someone who might know the answer so I comment like person. do you have any insight into this. And also, in my tweet storms. I have started to tag people or brands, increase visibility. I tend to forget to do this because sometimes. I'm not saying something very nice about a brand, not all the time but every once in a while. Right. And for that reason I don't want to tag them, because it's, I just might start a fight, so it's best to just avoid that. I've also been tweeting more pictures right. So I tweet out. The. What do you call it all my notes when I'm doing something visual, I'll tweet that out like when I'm doing design work. I'm also going to start tweeting out pictures that say, generate revenue. And the reason why I want to do this is because my project is revenue research. And I want people to generate revenue, so that I can create content about their project. So I'm encouraging them to generate revenue. And then I'm going to do with the signature green of revenue research. And so that way that stands out more than blue, right, the Twitter blue. That is on the profiles. Yes. I'm. I'm also working on developing more profound bots to tweet out. And so that way I have more to tweet and more people will think I'm profound and then follow me. Right. That's a good idea, Alex. I think so too are so things I've tried. Um, I started to tweet out what books I'm reading, but uh that was only like once a month. And I stopped reading, and I started to write more instead of reading. So in the time I was reading, I changed that for writing and that's how I started writing more. Right. And so I stopped that, um, I also started to tweet out things from. What's the deal with podcasting. Like every Tuesday and Thursday when I didn't have something to tweet out. I would just tweet out like a tip from a book that I wrote. Um, I just like flip through pages, every day, and I stopped that again because I stopped working on open podcasts and I didn't want to be a podcast guy. So, yeah. Alright, so providing value. And the reason why I'm going to talk about this is because you need to provide value to your audience, in order for them to, you know, share your stuff, interact with your stuff and get more followers. So it's very important to me that I tweet out something of value. And I retweet things of value to my followers. Um, things that they might enjoy. I'm content courses on information. So, I like when someone comments like hey, I have this course that might hope I will retweet it and say hey if you need help with this area. Check out this course. And then I'm also helping people grow their audience with my retweets. So when I retweet. Hey, check out this course. When someone says hey I have a course that gets them more exposure. And so that helps them grow their audience as well. Um I retweet anything someone else asked me to. So if you DM me and you say, Hey, can you tweet out my or yet retweet my product announcement on Twitter. I'll do it. Just because you know, we're friends so I want to help people out and dude retweeting is free, like just do it. Period. You don't say anything else just retweet it and that's it. You'll help them get exposure. And doesn't that make you feel good when that actually works out for the person like you we've tweeted out or you retweet their product top post and they someone you know, retweets that, or they buy their thing, or a boat their posts right. Doesn't that make you feel good, knowing that. Yeah, so why wouldn't you. So, finally. Is this working. And I would say, I don't know, my follower account is going up every month, which is, you know, my follower count. So, um, but my engagement. It's a big flatline it doesn't go up, it doesn't go down when I tweet something out. It gets like one or two, maybe, and that stays consistent. But, as my follower account grows, it's not my engagement isn't growing which is something that you want in a Twitter account because that means more people are liking your stuff, more people are seeing it. And that will lead to more ROI for you. So yeah, I'm, I'm getting some traffic to my website from Twitter, not much. I'll get maybe like three or four clicks a week, something like that. That should grow as my follower account grows, so yeah. Um, this is my new trip Twitter strategy. I'm gonna keep doing it because there's some ROI to it, my follower account is growing. That's all I got for this episode. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye.