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Building an indie business in the center of venture capital. My name is Alex Edmonds. People call me supreme rum, ham. And this is a building an indie business podcast recorded in the indie business studio. Okay, so last week, I discussed how to add a domain and remove a domain from WordPress. So now, same thing, but for Shopify, and I will be doing this live and doing it for smashing Okay, so you're at the, um, the homepage for your Shopify store, you go to settings, you go all the way down to domains. Now, I have an existing domain, so I'm going to click Connect existing domain. And I have to type it in. So smashing That CLM okay. And then, to connect your domain, follow the instructions to change your provider account settings, follow the instructions. Okay, so the next step is to log in to your domain place. So, if the where you bought your domain, you know, pork bun, GoDaddy or whatever. And then do you want to go into the advanced domains, advanced DNS settings? Do you want to change the CNAME record to or I guess, I have to add a CNAME record. So CNAME record and the host would be on the wwe.ww or not that but www and then Yeah. Okay. And this stuff is okay, and then you do a records and then you do a records for Shopify is IP address. So I have to delete my current A records and then I'm just going to add new ones just just cause and so what you have to do is the host is at and the Add sign and then Shopify is IP address is 23.227 dot 30 dot 65. Okay. And then click the checkmark. And then I like to do WW dot just in case there's nerds that still type that in. So just the same thing 23.227 dot 38 dot 65. And yes, then you go back to Shopify and then you click Verify connection. And then it says SSL is pending. So now that that's done, I have to wait till it's all good. And so let's check it. Shot Or No? Alright, so if you go to smashing That'll be awesome. Um, the Shopify store instead of the landing page. Yeah. Which is what it originally was the landing pages that was just, you know, the landing page. That was oh, it was just like the gray page that I use for like all my, like the podcasts website for revenue research. Yeah, it was just that. But now it's more. And I was still able to keep the connection to Google and H refs. So, yeah. So that's how you set up a domain on Shopify. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye bye.