Thinking about starting a podcast? Don't know where to start?
    This book contains everything I've learned about podcasting
    since starting the Building an Indie Business Podcast.

    Get a 20-month podcasting education in a few hours!

    Before Launching A Podcast

    • History of The Podcast Industry
    • Benefits of Podcasting
    • How To Start A Podcast
    • How To Interview A Podcast Guest
    • Solo Podcasting
    • How to Write a Podcast Episode
    • How to Relax While Recording

    Growing A Podcast

    • Surveys
    • Social Media
    • Live-Streaming
    • Email
    • Building A Community
    • Podcast to Podcast Promotions
    • Videos
    • Meetups
    • Writing
    • Making Money
    • Metrics
    • Podcasting as a Lead Magnet

    After Podcasting For Some Time

    • Growing the Podcast Industry
    • Random Tips
    • Podcasting Ethics


    • 100+ pages of podcasting advice for any stage of podcasting. 
    • Examples of how stand-up comedy applies to some chapters
    • Dark Mode PDF version of the book
    • Access to lifetime updates of the content