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rah rah on our on our I'm off on our, our on our on our on bedliner. Right? All right around, about barring residence Park. All right. All right now. So that's what my intro it sound like if I was like a zombie or something like that. So yeah, today this is a another episode of the Not another word press podcasts where I will be going over how to connect a domain to your WordPress website. So Oh, and let's say you need to replace your domain, I will show you how to delete that domain and, you know, just will already show you that how to add one. Okay, let's just get into it. Okay, so, um, you're at your dashboard, click upgrades and your little pop out. Like, like a drop down menu, but to the side is gonna come out, and you click on domains, right. And then it's gonna have added domain, but the plus sign and you click that, then you use domain IAM, you search for your domain, and then it's going to want you to add the DNS records. And so what that is, is your name servers stuff. So you go to whichever. whatever place you buy your domains that I am not going to tell you where I buy my domains, because that's insecure. But I will be logging in as soon as I remember Oh. Okay. So you're gonna want to go to the DNS records. Okay, DNS records. And then I'm still logged in. So, find it, find the domain you want, go to the DNS records, and then go to name servers, and WordPress gives you three name servers. So ns ns ns Add those to the custom DNS. Click OK. And I'm done. It should work in like five to 10 minutes. It depends on your domain registrar. And now, Alex is now smashing themes dot XYZ. Okay, so let's say you're done with your domain and you want a new use a new domain or your domain expires, and GoDaddy bought it. And now you can't buy it again, for less than $100. So how do you delete your domain? Well, you click the three dots Wait, now, you click on the domain name. And you scroll at the very bottom and it says Delete. Remove this domain connection permanently you click that. Then just it says share feedback blah, blah, blah, remove product, removing. Removing, removing, removing, removing, removing and yet on ski. Yes. Okay. Then you go to my sites Yeah, that's domains. And now when you look at your domains, you just see the one and you go to that one. And you're done. Okay. Um, yeah, that's WordPress and domain names. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Buh bye.