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building an indie business in the center of venture capital i am alex edmonds people on the internet call me supremerumham and this is a building an indie business podcast recorded in the indie business studio okay so today uh i'm gonna go it's another episode of uh the not another wordpress podcast um and i'm going to go over um woocommerce coupons and how to create a woocommerce coupon um i'm jumping a little bit ahead um but yeah so we've created products we've also um installed woocommerce we've installed wordpress themes and so now um it's how to discount those products that we've created so let's get into it so you're at your dashboard now you have your woocommerce um little dashboard thing you have quick drafts um so you know it's the holiday season um and you wanna you know celebrate by giving people a discount how do you do that so you're at your dashboard you go um past woocommerce pass products and to marketing and there's overview and there's coupons you're gonna click coupons and you're gonna wait for it to load um and then you're gonna click add a coupon and now um you're gonna you're gonna make a coupon so there's coupon code and this is what people will type in and put um into the checkout to um get the discount so we're gonna do jan 25 um and then you could do a description below but i don't do that and then there's the coupon data and so you can either choose a percentage discount a fixed cart discount um fixed product discount a sign up fee discount a sign up fee percentage discount recurring product discount recurring product percentage discount and the difference is that a percentage discount is um a percentage based on the um amount of the cart a fixed card discount is um a its amount of money based on your cart so um it's just like a five percent discount um a fixed product discount is one specifically for a specific product a sign up fee discount um as a discount for signing up same thing with percentage uh recurring product is um if you have like a subscription and same thing with a percentage yeah so basically you have a percentage or you have a fixed amount so we're gonna do percentage and then you do coupon amount and then i would put 25 because um i put jan 25 as the discount code um value the coupon yes um allow free shipping check this box if the coupon grants free shipping a free shipping method must be enabled in your shipping zone and set to require a valid free shipping coupon see the issue with this is that um you know we're selling digital products here so should i click that or should i not and then yeah so i'm just going to leave it um you know i'm not going to check the box and then you have coupon expiry date so it pops up a little calendar and it's so now i'm going to make it expire on the 31st so j uh 2023 131 that is the expiry date and then you have usage restrictions so you have minimum spend um and i would just put a dollar just to be clear like someone has to purchase something right and then the maximum spend no maximum um individual use only check this box of the coupon cannot be used in conjecture with another coupon so you only want people to be able to use this coupon and then exclude sales items check this box if the coupon should not apply to items on sale per item coupons will only work if the coupon is not for sale per cart coupons will only work if there are items in the cart that are not for sale so um i'm gonna add that too and then now you can choose if it's a product that like a specific product that you want to discount so products and then you enter three characters um so um i think this is one that has the ringtones as a product so i would type in ring um and i realized that i didn't publish it so let me publish it real quick all right um and let's do it now so there um now i've selected ring tone number one as the product and i can exclude any product i can add product category so movies exclude a category and then allow allowed emails this means list of allowed billing emails to check against when a order is placed separate email addresses with commas you can also use an asterisk to match part of an email for example asterisk gmail would match all gmail addresses okay so the next thing is usage limits usage limits per coupon um so i would put one so that way um for every customer they can only use this once then limit usage to x items and what does that mean the maximum number of individual items this coupon can apply to when using product discounts leave blank to apply to all qualifying items in the cart um okay so i'm going to leave that blank and you should just limit perg user um how many times this coupon can be used by an individual user use billing email for guests and use user id for logged in users okay so wait then what does usual's limit per coupon mean that means how many times this coupon can be used before it is void um okay so you should's limit is the amount of time someone can use the coupon and you should just limit per users how many times one user can use it okay and that's it you hit publish um and now you have a coupon for your store so let's check the um the add-a-cart experience and see if we can use it okay so um i'm gonna go to products all products then i'm going to view now i'm going to add product to cart and then going to check out have a coupon enter your code um jan 25 apply coupon and now my ringtone number one goes from twenty dollars to fifteen dollars um so yeah it works okay so that is how you add a coupon to your wordpress um e-commerce store so yeah that's how you do that um the next episode will probably be how to import um products from you know shopify to woocommerce so tune in for that if you're interested in that thank you for listening have a nice day bye