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 building an indie business in the center of venture capital i am alex edmonds people on the internet call me supremerumham and this is a building an indie business podcast recorded in the indie business studio today I'm gonna go it's another episode of the not another wordpress podcast um and i'm going to go over woocommerce coupon codes and how to create woocommerce coupon codes so we've created products we've also installed woocommerce we've installed a wordpress theme and so now it's how to discount those products that we've created. Let's get into it.

How to Create WooCommerce Coupon Codes

As always we start on the WordPress dashboard. Then, on the left menu find the Marketing tab and click Coupons. On the coupon page, at the top, click “Add Coupon”

The first thing to do is the coupon code, this is what the customer will put in the checkout page to use the code and get a discount. This code is a unique coupon code.

Next, is to create the actual coupon. You need to choose the discount type, the options are fixed cart discount, percentage discount, and fixed product discount. A fixed cart discount is a discount based on the cart total. The percentage based discount is a certain percentage off a product or cart amount. The fixed product discount is a discount on a specific product.

Once you decide the type of discount, there's the coupon amount, simply put, the percentage or dollar amount you want to give off the cart or product.

The next box is about shipping, allow free shipping grants free shipping for the product. Sice our products are digital, it is not our concern.

The last thing is the coupon expiry date, this is if you want to put a time limit on the coupon.

Coupon Restrictions

You can put a usage restriction on the coupon for a woocommerce product or cart amount.

First, you can determine the minimum spend for a coupon. For example, you can make it so people have to spend $100 before they use a 10% coupon code. Or you can set the maximum spend that a customer needs to use a coupon code.

Then, you can restrict a customer's ability to use the coupon with another existing coupon.

Next, you can exclude a customer's ability to use a coupon on products already on sale.

Then, you can put a limit on products. This would limit the products that a customer can use for a coupon.

On the opposite end, you can exclude coupons from specific products.

At the same time, you can include and exclude specific product categories.

The last usage restriction feature is “Allowed emails.” The allowed email feature allows you to restrict coupon usage by email address. I would use this for my email list to only allow existing customers to use a coupon.

Usage Limit

Finally, the last tab for creating coupons is usage limit. This allows you to restrict the amount of times a customer uses a discount coupon. You limit customers by the amount of times they use a coupon or limit the specific customers use of the coupon.

There are WooCommerce subscriptions addons such as personalized coupon, smart coupon, URL coupons, store credit, a gift card extension, and group coupon. You can also buy dynamic coupons and an advanced coupon which have more features.

 that is how you add a woocommerce coupon code to your e-commerce store. That's how you do that. The next episode will probably be how to import products from you know shopify to woocommerce so tune in for that if you're interested in that thank you for listening have a nice day bye