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building an indie business in the center of venture capital i am alex edmonds people internet call me supremerumham and this is the building and indie business podcast recorded in the indie business studio okay so today um is episode tray of um not another wordpress podcast and in this episode i will show you um not show you but tell you how to create um a wordpress woocommerce product so in the first episode i showed how to change your wordpress theme and then i showed you how to install woocommerce and now i'm going to show you how to create um a woocommerce product and then the next thing i'm going to show you is how to import woocommerce products and woocommerce from other platforms like shopify so um let's get into it so um you're you're at your dashboard right you're at dashboard um and you have your tabs on the left so you go to woocommerce um oh wait no you go to products sorry you go to products you go to products um and then you go to um create product right and so we're going to be setting up um a woocommerce um let's just say an educational platform actually do i have any videos for that i don't know um m4p um all right i do you want i have audio files so we're doing that okay so you're selling audio files right so uh you're selling ringtones ringtone number one great product description um and then what you're doing is um so that's your title then you have your description this is ringtone number one all right so we have ringtone number one um okay so this is ringtone number one right and then set product image so um for ringtone number one i have um i just like threw together some stuff on photoshop because i know people wouldn't be saying this um for now um what did i call it i called it ringtones right oh yeah ringtones ringtones ringtones ringtones okay so now that's loading um ringtone number one always do alt text right um ring tone number one image um white background with purple music note and then the title is ringtone number one cover right and then you click set product image okay so you have the title you have the description you have the product image now you have to set up the data okay so product data um now you have to choose what type of product it is simple product grouped external affiliate variable simple subscription variable so this is a simple product um virtual or downloadable it's downloadable so you need to add the file choose file upload file ringtone number one um title ringtone number one artist um supreme rom ham album um ringtones okay then insert file url and then file name ringtone one okay and then you have to set the regular price so regular price let's say twenty dollars oh twenty dollars right and then the sale price um 15 and you can schedule this so from um september 2nd to august october 2 1st it's um i thought it's 15 right all right so then you can oh wait no i'm not done with this um download limit leave blank for unlimited redownloads um so i leave that and then download expiry enter the number of days before i download link expires or leave blank um okay and then product description short product description you can add media and this is where i would add um the like sample of your audio file um okay and then you have all the side stuff that i've been doing slowly oh wait um wait the product data has some stuff so there's general that's all the stuff i filled out then there's inventory that's irrelevant because it's virtual it's just digital product shipping that's relevant links product um linked product is where you would add um like similar products this is where you would add like maybe if this ringtone is about mute or movies you'd add other um movie ringtones actually let me let me read you the exact description things upsells are products which you recommend instead of the currently viewed product for example products that are more profitable better quality or more expensive and then there's cross sales cross sales are products which you promote in the cart based on the current product okay then there's attributions um i guess attributions are um what are attributions here um hold on i don't know what this is i guess like it's product attributions like what is this product about so um i would say like movies um music soundtrack or something like that um yes okay and then ringtone one would be the name and then i would save the attribution then then next is advanced um purchase note and the purchase note is enter an optional note to send to the customer after purchase um and then menu order customize ordering position um and then enable reviews you can this is automatically enabled um but you can disable it if you want then there's get more options you can add variation images showcase your products in the best light with an image for each variation one page check out don't make customers click around and let them choose products check out and pay all in one specify minimum and maximum allowed product quantities for orders to be complete name your price let customers pay what you want so those are different um extensions that you can add to woocommerce okay and then um you add the product image this is the right side now um then you can add more images so i'm gonna add some more images just because when i walk you through the different what it looks like i can show you give you an example um because you're not just gonna sell um ringtones right you're gonna sell different um digital downloads okay and then um there are product categories and product categories are like this is the way pages are created that um and how people can search through your store by category so if someone wants to find like movie um ringtones that's what you would do you'd add a category for uh movies right and then since this is the first category it doesn't need a parent category but if you did like different types of audio if you did ringtones um if you did like um background music that would be it so your parent category would be like let's say music and then let's say audio that would be um the different parent categories and then product tags product tags are very similar to um the category so i do movies again right and then you can add different um product tags so i did movies and then i added a comma and then i did soundtrack so then i added those and now movies and soundtrack are part of um this um products product tags okay and then i'm going to save draft and then i'm going to preview the product so let's see what that looks like so um so you can see the top of the oh there's bread crumbs that's the word i was looking for and the bread comes our home movies ringtone number one and the um movies breadcrumb is from the category page um and then underneath all right so there's the title ringtone number one and then on the left there's the image and right above the image there's the sale tag because i added the sell price i'm sure if i didn't have the sale price it would be gone so i'm going to save the draft without the sale price then i'm going to preview the product now um oh i didn't delete it okay so now i'm going to save the draft it's loading and now i'm going to preview the product and the sell price is gone the sale tag the sell price is gone okay so on the left we have the images so um there's just the three images that i added and you can zoom in on it automatically so if there's any part that you want to see you can zoom in through just like scrolling through it and getting a good look at that part or there's a magnifying glass and you can like zoom in as you want and it like expands um and then on the right there's the title ringtone number one there's the price um when i had the sell price it crossed out the regular price and then it had the sale price as well and then because this is audio and i added the short product description you can hear the ringtone ringtone number one it's just me saying saying ringtone number one and then you could choose the quantity that you want so you can add one to two to three to four to ten if you want 25 i just added 25 and then the add to cart button so then you can add it to your cart um yeah and then there's the category which is movies there's the tags movies soundtrack and then underneath there are three tabs there's description there's additional information which is um this is the attributions or attributes um so it just says movies music soundtrack right which is what i added for the attributions um yeah and then the other tab is reviews there are no reviews but i i have the option to review it so let me add that so i'm gonna read my product five stars and i'm just gonna put great and then i submit it interesting it says comments are not allowed for this product um so maybe that's an error um weird comments are not allowed i have reviews enabled i don't know why that happened um five stars submit comments are not allowed for this item um i don't know why that happened um yeah so that's how to set up a wordpress product um and that's what it looks like um for the next episode i will set up um well i will walk you through how to set up and import products on from like shopify or drupal whatever e-commerce platform you used before wordpress and woocommerce thank you for listening have a nice day bye