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Building an indie business in the center of venture capital, I am Alex Edmonds. People I internet, call me supremerumham. And this is a building an indie business podcast recorded in the indie business studio. Okay, so today is another Shopify tutorial. So discount codes are very important. So I'm going to show you how to create discount codes in Shopify. Alright, so you get your Shopify homepage, you have created a score, your store, you've created products for that store, you have an email list, and, you know, black Friday's coming up, right? So you want to send people a coupon code. So how do you create that discount code? Well, I'm gonna walk you through it. So you're at the Shopify homepage, which I'm now told is the Shopify admin page. You go all the way down to discounts, which is right. It's probably one of the last ones. It's actually changed since I last logged in. Anyways, so homepage orders, products, customers, finances, analytics, marketing discounts, what's up? Okay, so now, it'll show you list of a list of all the discount codes that you've used. But if you're listening to this, you probably don't have any discount codes in your shopify store. So you can schedule them, there's active expired. So at the top left, there's create discount. So you click that. And a lot of different options come up, select discount type, you can do amount off products amount of order, buy x get Y discount, free shipping. So let me run you through all of them actually. So amount off products product discount, click on that. Then there's discount code or automatic discount. And what this means is that are you giving a discount automatically to anyone who buys this product? Or, you know, has a purchase? Or are they going to have to type it in? So I'm going to do the discount code. Oh, so after you decide that, and I chose discount code, you put in your, the unique discount code. So I'm going to do with Black Friday discount. So it's going to be 2022. So this is what the people need to type in to get the discount. And then there's value. So percentage or fixed amount discount. And this is how much people can get off your product. So for this Black Friday, we're gonna do 10% and then applies to specific collections. So you create different collections for your products. So for smashing themes, my collections, would it be WordPress or Shopify? Or not? Yeah, Wordpress, or Shopify? Which theme Do you want? Or you can attach it to a specific product like so I can do tunes. And anyone who buys the tunes theme can use the discount code bf 2022 and get a 10% discount on on products, right? Um, yes, and then so I'm gonna leave it blank. And that means that any product will be able to have that discount applied to it, okay. And then minimum purchase amount requirements, no minimum purchase requirements, or you can say, hey, people only spend $10 or minimum quantity of items. People need to have three items, but no minimum requirements for this. And then customer eligibility, specific customer segment specific customers or all customers, so specific customers segment browse. And you could apply to abandoned checkout carts in the last 30 days, customers who have made purchases more than once your email subscribers, customers who haven't purchased an email subscribers, that's an error on my end. So I'm just going to put email subscribers because I like them the most. Minimum discount use limit the number of times the discount can be used in total limit one use per customer, I'm going to put a limit one use per customer because we've had an issue and then B combinations this is new, and it even says new. B f 2022 can be combined with other product discounts, shipping discounts. Okay, so, um, then you can set an end date. So the end date would be let's just oh, wait, hold on, I need to look something up first. Okay, can we have a day? Okay. So let's just say the discount ends on that day. Save? Oh, there's Okay, that's weird. I'm apply, okay, it's saying that I have an error that specific collections must be added. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to browse, and there's a small amount of collections, so I'm just going to click all of them. That's weird. I've never had to do that. But here we are. Maybe it's the type of discount I did. Um, okay. Then let's create another discount. Oh, and you see, huh? Hold on. No minimum requirements, customer eligibility all customers? Um, I don't know, I think the design changed. And that just messed me out. Because I did the same thing to everyone. And it just didn't bother me. Okay. That's weird. Okay, so that was the amount of products Oh, that's what happened. So I did amount of products. And usually what I do is I do amount off order. So then we do be our hair, I have to delete that code. Because I don't need that one. So I'm going to delete it. Actions. Lead discount. Okay. So that's for a specific set of products. And that was amount of products. So now we're doing a mount off order. And this is just like, what's in the checkout? That someone has their their cart. So again, discount code, automatic discount, I'm choosing discount code, BF 2022. Percentage discount 10% 15 15%. No minimum minimum purchase requirements, no minimum requirements. All customers limit limit number of times this can be used in total. Yes, I'm gonna say once. limit us to one person shipping combinations. discount code can be combined with shipping discounts Alex up that nah, yeah, I'm just gonna leave it and I'm okay. And that's how you create an amount off discount. And then, um, let's do a free shipping discount first. I'm going to name it so you name it. And I'm going to name it no ship, no ship and then it says buy countries now. So all countries or you can select countries. And I assume that these are the countries that you set when you say I want to sell in these countries. Okay, so I I'm just gonna choose the US. Okay, added shipping rates exclude shipping rates over a certain amount of dollars, I'm actually not even going to doesn't matter. minimum purchase requirements, again, no minimum customer eligibility all customers or specific customers browse. Oh, and then it's individuals. And then specific customer segment, email subscribers. Limit Max discount use limit. And no ship can be combined with nothing else, then we set the end date, I choose my end date for all the way over here, save it. Okay, and that's the shipping discount, then we have the buy X get y, this is buy one, get one free. So we can just do bogo 22. Okay, customer buys minimum quantity of items, minimum purchase amount. So minimum quantity would be one. And then you could choose a specific product or a specific collection. So to save time, let's just do collection, then browse, then choose this one. Yes, and then that's what are the customer buys. And then the customer gets one product at a specific collection, browse the collection, and then just the second collection. And you can choose at a discounted value, or free. So you can do 5% Let's say or 15. I wonder I've actually never done this as a promotion. And we're not allowed to do set a maximum use. So once specific customer segment or all customers, but specific customer segment, email subscribers, because I like them the most. Limit number of times this discount can be used in total once limit to one use per customer. And this is tracked by email. So if if I register, and I do supreme Rome and I create my own customer with that email, and I buy it. I can't use the code again. I'd have to create a new email for that. I'd also have to know that that's how this works. So yeah. Okay. Common combinations. I'm not gonna say it can be combined with anything this is a good deal on its own. Set the date, set the end date, save discount. Okay, so that is how you create a Shopify discount code. Thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye