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building an indie business in the center of venture capital i am alex edmonds people on the internet call me supremerumham and this is the building and indie business podcast recorded in the indie business studio okay so today is another episode of the not another word press podcast um in this episode i will be showing you or walking you through how to um set up woocommerce so yeah let's get into it so woocommerce is a plug-in that you can use on your wordpress website to um make your wordpress website into a um what's the word i'm looking for oh an e-commerce store so you're at your dashboard you're logged in you're at your dashboard uh you want to go this side and you want to go to plugins and then you click plugins and then at the very top next to the title it's add new it's there's an add new button and then you type in woocommerce i just usually type in woo and it pops up and then um woocommerce by automatic you want to make sure that it's by automatic and not by anyone else and then install now okay it says installing um there's some other stuff um so then you go oh wait no you're waiting you're waiting for it to load um there's some other stuff here too like um advanced woo search so that people can search your store i've installed that um anything else that i've installed um no i haven't there's oh um there's advanced blue labels that's for product labeling i might get into that um there's woo images boost your woocommerce seo by automatically adding all tags into oh i should figure out how that works does that be something good um okay so it's insta it's the it's finished loading right so now it says activate so you're gonna activate it you are going to activate it um yeah so it's activating and waiting for it to load okay then it takes you to a different page and this is the woocommerce um page so um you put in an address that's the first thing and usually what i do for my just any address that i need i put in like a famous address so um i live in the bay area and um i used to go to school by the apple campus so i know the address is one infinite loop so i usually use that for all my addresses um so i don't remember what the oh okay um so it's one influent loop the address of usa is the country not usa but united states um and it's california the city is cooper teen no any zip code is nine five zero one four oh wait nine five zero one four continue um then ask you to share your data i'm gonna say no thanks um okay and then you pick what industry your store is gonna operate in so um since this is a digital product overview i'm just going to choose electronics and computers you can also choose fashion health food and drink home furniture garden cbd education or other but since um my my my products will target people doing digital products i just chose electronics and computers right and then what type of products will be listed so there's physical products download subscriptions memberships bookings bundles customizable products and um so the free options are physical downloads and subscriptions but then you have to pay more for memberships bookings bundles and customizable products um and since we're doing digital products i'm just gonna choose downloads right and then continue uh how many products tell us about your business we'd love to know if you're just getting started or you already have a business in place how many products do you plan to display so i'm gonna choose 110 currently selling elsewhere no um it also asks you yes on another platform um do you own a different woocommerce store do you have a physical location or um anything else i'm going to choose a no and also you can click i'm setting up for a client add recommended include business features we recommend enhancing your store with these free extensions no commitment required you can move these at any times okay and the the options are accept credit cards and other um woocommerce payments get automated sales tax with woocommerce tax and then speed with jetpack level up your email marketing with male poet drive sales with google listings and google ad um i'm assuming you can all add this stuff um later so i'm just gonna do accept credit cards with um woocommerce payments okay so then i hit continue okay now we choose a theme and because this is just about setting up woocommerce i choose the most basic theme okay and then you add you're pretty much done but it gives you six more things you can do to like actually set up the store you can add products you can set up woocommerce payments you can add tax rate get more sales personalize your store but there you have it um that's that your woocommerce stuff is set up i'm gonna do separate episodes where um i talk about setting up a product and um importing products from other stores like shopify or another platform but uh yeah you can set up your woocommerce store after listening this episode that's all i have thank you for listening have a nice day bye