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building an indie business in the center of venture capital i am alex edmonds people on the internet call me supremerumham and this is the building and indie business podcast recorded in the indie business studio okay so um first of all remember when i would do that like super fancy like i was a newscaster as a joke anyways um yeah so today is what the first episode of what i'm calling uh not another wordpress podcast and this is just basically me um giving wordpress tutorials through a podcast um i might make a video for it i'm just walking you through basic wordpress stuff that i need to create content for so yeah this is okay this is a lesson in seo this is a lesson in content um yeah and this is a lesson in wordpress so let's get into it um episode number one of not another wordpress podcast is how to um install a wordpress theme and the reason why i'm doing this as the first episode because um i want to be selling wordpress themes right so what's the first thing they need to do in order to use my product after they buy it they need to install it so i'm assuming that um they don't know how and if someone wants to google um you know how to install a wordpress theme they might be looking to change their theme looking for a new one so um my goal is to give them that content and then they look at my website and be like hey you know this guy sells wordpress themes i'm looking to change mine okay so let's get into it how to um change your wordpress theme so i'm going to assume that you already have your zip file right so here's it you you hit download wherever you got your theme from it's you downloaded your zip so you have your zip file okay the next step is to go to wordpress um go to dashboard and then your left hand sidebar you go to appearance then you go to themes and then you go to add new theme right and then you have the list of all the themes you can use but you don't want to do that you want to go to the top very top and click upload theme then you go to your zip file or no you go to choose file then you want to go to whatever theme you used oh wait no it's the wrong one um and then click install now then it takes you to a different page it says installing theme from uploaded file name of the file unpacking the package installing the theme this theme requires a parent theme checking if it is installed parent theme is installed currently installed theme installed successfully then you can do live preview which uh okay a live preview looks like oh um then it just shows you what your website would look like as this theme so i had my own theme and now my theme is green and yellow and yeah but this hasn't activated yet um if you like what you see then you click activate and and publish at the left top left and then um it will work right um and then when you click themes again you can look at it um okay that is the first episode of not another wordpress podcast thank you for listening have a nice day bye