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building an indie business in the center of venture capital i ml excitement people on the internet refer to me as supremerumham and this is a building in the indie business podcast recorded in the indie business studio okay so today is episode number five i think it is of um not another wordpress podcast and in this episode i will show you how to remove powered by wordpress from the WordPress footer of your website so i want to do this episode because um all those shopify episodes i did um they always like those were my notes right so and every time i would those were my notes from twitter and um people would always talk about on twitter like oh remove powered by shopify so i knew that wordpress does the same exact thing so i thought i'd show you how to remove it.

Removing Powered by WordPress from a WordPress Theme

Removing Powered by WordPress from the footer credit makes your website look more professional. You only need to do this with a free theme from WordPress. if you buy a premium theme from you will not need to remove anything from the footer text.

WordPress recently changed how you can move powered by WordPress. When I did this last year, I went to theme editor and click one button

There are multiple ways to remove the footer link, the way I am showing you is by using the WordPress theme customizer. If you have a theme developer they can go into the theme file and change the WordPress footer credit that way.

The other option is to install a WordPress plugin. I am not a fan of this solution because a plugin will add to your WordPress site load time and make the site slower. No one wants to use a slow site.

WordPress Tutorial

As always, we start at the WordPress dashboard. Then, from the you go to “Appearance,”

 and click “Editor.” Next, click “Template Parts.” One template part is footer, click on “Footer.” On the Footer Template Page, you click on the elements that you want to change.

You don't have to delete “Powered by WordPress,” On my WordPress footer link, I changed it to say “Powered by Smashing Themes," my own website.

            okay now let's check every page and see what that looks like so pages privacy policy i'm going to view that page and yeah it just says “Powered by Smashing Themes," at the bottom so that checks out then the sample page the sample page was the one we were given and it says “Powered by Smashing Themes," so that is how you remove um the powered by WordPress footer in the page in the  the latest version of WordPress thank you for listening i've been teasing the fact that i was going to show you how to import um products into WordPress from other um e-commerce platforms so uh hopefully i will do that soon thank you for listening have a nice day bye