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building an indie business in the center of venture capital i ml excitement people on the internet refer to me as supreme rumham and this is a building in the indie business podcast recorded in the indie business studio okay so today is episode number five i think it is of um not another wordpress podcast and in this episode i will show you how to remove powered by wordpress from the footer of your website so i want to do this episode because um all those shopify episodes i did um they always like those were my notes right so and every time i would those were my notes from twitter and um people would always talk about on twitter like oh remove powered by shopify so i knew that wordpress does the same exact thing so i thought i'd show you how to remove it i guess i don't know let's just do the episode um yeah okay so let's get into it so it always starts at your dashboard you're at your dashboard right uh so you're at your dashboard and then you go to appearance and theme file editor and then you're it's a very short file mine's only 35 lines so you just look for the word wordpress and powered proudly by which mine is 19. it's printf escape html then proudly powered by wordpress so i'm just gonna delete this line okay it's deleted i'm going to update the file and this is a more complicated than it was before i think like within the last six months it was very easy to do this you didn't have to go into the code and like change something it's still uh updating that's why i'm still talking um it previously used to be just like go to appearance customize and then um there was a menu that popped out and um it would say oh do you want powered by shopify in your footer um if not let us know and i think i can even show you how it used to be before because it's still loading um yeah let me check my personal wordpress website see if that still is um working i know it's working but um okay so you go to appearance then you go to customize and then like this little it shows you the home page um and then it has this little menu and it has like site identity color backgrounds fonts header image and you can see powered by wordpress at the bottom and it gives you this little arrow or this little like oh edit button and it says click to edit the uh the the um the footer and then it takes you to um site identity uh and then says default but you can change it um on my personal website i can't change it because it's not a business plan but you can use it just says hide and then in my case it says plan upgrade required but uh that is not the case with this version of wordpress anymore i think i'm at um 6.2 or okay and then unable to communicate back with the site to check for fatal error so the php change was reverted you need to upload your php file by some other means using sftp okay so i'm going to reload it's still okay line 19 is still there so i'm just gonna try to delete the entire thing see if that changes anything um well i deleted too much hold on um okay i'm just um weird why is it like that oh it's just like that okay um updating file okay here's what i'm gonna do i'm going to do the same exact thing i did on my personal website and see if that pops up the same thing it's still updating the file yep still updating i'm still loading the original way to do it it's still loading still loading both i don't know what's going on now but we're still loading this is a episode of loading apparently um okay i don't think i did anything wrong it just doesn't like what i did in that see that's why i'm doing wordpress stuff because simple things that shouldn't be giving problems are giving me problems and see i know what i'm doing right so like don't bother me you hear me oh my god what oh my god um okay oh this is okay this is another it's the website i was working on before so let's try here so we go to appearance editor if that's what it is i don't know what it's doing oh it stopped loading okay site identity and see the um the footer portion is gone so um yeah i don't know how to get rid of it other than changing the code um so yeah because they don't give you an option there's no way to like click on it and be like hey let me change my website um yeah actually hold on i've all edited these websites so let's see if i spin up a new instance and if anything changes okay okay so i spun up a new instance and the footer can be removed if you just edit it like a normal web or like a normal wordpress site you just go to the block and then you delete the footer right um so i want to save that okay but does that work for every page like is it removed for every page let's find out so that's the home page the sample page um oh so it's still on the um the privacy policy page which is the only one i have access to right now since this is a new instance and i haven't messed with it um and it doesn't show up for me to delete it um okay so that was edit site now i'm gonna edit page okay it doesn't give me the option to remove it okay interesting okay let me create a new page and see if that does anything page test page choose a block let's see header test header okay i'm going to publish this and let's view it it still says power by wordpress um so edit site it's still not on the home page okay um let's go to appearance customize um no no option templates templates no template parts header footer oh okay so this is how you do it okay so in the new wordpress this is how you remove powered by wordpress you go to appearance you go to editor um you go to you click on the wordpress logo again and um a menu will pop out um and it says editor templates template parts you go to template parts you click on footer and then you remove the footer um remove paragraph remove um let me let me insert something else how about that paragraph and i'm going to put a header and it's going to say supreme wrong hand and we're going to save it okay now let's check every page and see what that looks like so pages privacy policy i'm going to view that page and yeah it just says supreme rumham at the bottom so that that checks out then the sample page the sample page was the one we were given and it says supreme rumham so that is how you remove um the powered by wordpress footer in the page in the old version of wordpress and the latest version of wordpress thank you for listening i've been teasing the fact that i was going to show you how to import um products into wordpress from other um e-commerce platforms so uh hopefully i will do that soon thank you for listening have a nice day bye