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building an indie business in the center of venture capital I am Alex Edmonds people on the internet call me Supreme rum ham and this is the building an indie business podcast recorded in the Indie business Studio okay so today um I will finally be going over how to migrate your store from Shopify to Wordpress or to woocommerce so yeah let's get into it okay so in this episode I am assuming you have already um setup WordPress and set up woocommerce at least to the point where you installed the plugin so now you're going to go to um you're gonna go to woocommerce products start import um actually hold on you need to download that stuff so you're gonna go to your Shopify store your Shopify store is going to load you're gonna go to products then at the very top you're going to click export and then you have options a CV SV file can update all product information to update your inventory and use the CSV file and then you can export the current page all products selected products uh 50 plus products matching your search and then you're going to CSV for Excel numbers or other spreadsheet program or plain CSV um so yeah and then you click export then they're going to email it to you and now you need to go to Wordpress so choose file do the one they just sent you which um I believe is here okay and then it says update existing existing products that match ID or s k u will update products that do not exist what we script and then you can do that the problem is some of the things in WordPress and Shopify don't match so I go to show Advanced options make sure everything is the same then I hit continue oh um there was an error on my end now it's fine okay then you have to match the fields and so what I like to do is I like to open the CSV that I'm using and I like to see what every title has right or what every yeah whatever title has or whatever like the top part what is um what is that stuff so I can match it so like the first thing is handle um and it says do not import but that would be the ID then the title that would be the name the body that would be the description um vendor is Arrow drawings so I would not import that then standardize product type we can check what that is Santa as product type I don't have anything written for that and my thing oh it says gift card um when I have a gift card so um I guess I don't know what that would be let's check everything so Center is product type that could be um that could be the category it could be grouped products let's say that and then custom product type that would be it's also gift cards so I would just not import that and then we have tags so tags or tags um published published um then there's option one value option two value and that would be um I don't know then there's option three option four and these here I don't think they have values here option three option four um yeah and then there's variant SKU so that can just be the SKU variant grams um that would probably be the weight variant inventory tracker I don't know what that is so I have to refer back to um my dock over here and here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna upload this to Google and that will help me see everything we're doing that um okay it's gonna upload real quick let's see anything else oh so image source that would be um just images and then image alt text I put that as imported metadata um okay um Now it's uploaded ready to go okay now I have to make the um the other titles a little bigger and when I say titles I'm talking about in the Excel sheet just so I have a better view of everything um okay vendor okay we have handle we have title we have body we have Fender we have standardized product type there's nothing here we have custom product types and it's like gift cards it's drawings centers Pro groups products we can do that custom product type um and the values are here I gotta freeze it too I am editing the documents I've been learning how to use Excel at work so yeah that's fun okay custom product type um that's like okay so it's drawings it's gift cards um that would be like categories no wait tags I feel like no do not import ant tags would be like categories tags would be categories um okay um so what would custom product type B custom product type would be um that would be um let's just do tags okay name scripture ID categories um digital download that would be like product type um they have any of that no okay inventory tracker um nothing there um why there's nothing here right there's variant price so I would have to make sure that the price is the price variant price that would be the regular price requires shipping that would be shipping class variant taxable variant barcode what is the variant barcode nothing so I want to import that images image position it's just let me see um I guess that's how many images it has let me click this and see what it looks like it's redirecting it's only one image interesting okay so yeah I don't know what image position is in um image position yeah we can Google it let's just Google it right image position Shopify image position um okay um no they don't explain it well not well um I put image alt text imported metadata uh gift cards false do not import SEO title nicely girls are empty sorry those are empty so I don't have to import them yeah they're all empty do not import all the Google stuff do not import I can do that later variant image um all the SEO description interesting all this is all for Google so never mind oh but this is only like three of them like what is this one 77 um oh this is um this is a bundle bundle bundle um very image variant weight unit so that'd be just um let me just wait uh variant tax code cost per item those aren't things I'm going to run the Importer importing products are now being imported it's loading it's loading it's loading it's loading okay it is loading okay loading by loading still running um okay yeah I think that's everything but there's stuff missing and I'm gonna have to change it around we're about to find out don't worry um okay foreign so if there's any issues I can just fix it um I could try to re-upload this and match anything that I need right so one problem I'm thinking is gonna happen is for products that have multiple images um they will only have one image I think I think that's what I think and feel and blah blah blah blah blah um yeah it's still loading it's not even 10 percent still being loaded um okay yeah and there's there's attributes I don't know what that is but I can always new attributes attributes lets you define extra product details such as size or color you can use these attributes in this shop sidebar using layered nav widgets okay then there's reviews still loading reviews that page Visa reviews you know what um then there's categories and tags I kind of had trouble telling which one was which um so yeah foreign because like for Arrow drawings we had it very detailed um product types and stuff like that so like the tags are drawings World War II military and then I don't know um there's categories the categories are like drawings um USB stuff like that so it's a little different um I'm gonna have to see if I got that correct okay and it's kind of not correct see for the categories it's it's like the products it's the B17 it's blueprints it's Boeing those aren't product categories those are like types and then tags or drawings and gift cards yeah that's not what I wanted so I would have to go and fix that I'd probably do it manually because um right now era joins only has like 50 um categories no 50 products right um so but also what I can do is I can just add like I can change the tags to be categories or just whatever I want it to be I don't know what I want it to be right now so I'd have to look through that and fix it um so clearly oh everything still hasn't been imported only the tags and categories so yeah we're still waiting um anything else show up no no no no no no no no keep doing what you're doing um I just messed it up okay um products okay let me see if I just have a product ready to go um hopefully he was doing it by like product by product by product by product and not like different rows um okay okay I think yeah that's exactly how I was doing it so we have the Avro Lancaster blueprints we're going to view that okay okay this see this one turned out well um the the categories are a little bit messed up but it's exactly what I want I want it says ever Lancaster blueprints drawings military plans um RFA Royal Air Force World War II WW2 and then it has um the exact description that I wrote related products okay I can accept all of those um and then like the category like you can go back there's breadcrumbs and it's World War II um and then you go home actually home won't be anything but yeah um so there's probably some other stuff I have to edit talker World War II I think every product is in World War II even though it's not um so let's try to find something that wasn't in World War II Piper that was in World War II bowling any Boeing product was on World War II Boeing yeah was it let's check Boeing I don't think Bowen was around that time but I can't remember um oh bowing was around and World War II okay um yeah so that's what I need to fix then yeah uh pretty much the categories and tags are the only thing that's wrong um that's not bad let's see how I can edit um the categories so category name um what's one category that uh is used oh um military aircrafts Okay add new category and then add oh nope not add new products um if I knew all the military planes I could just go bam go to bulk action edit um um edit okay me checking the Mark didn't actually do anything um let's see military and then product tags military then update okay and then when you view it preview change oh it says Navy okay so there's more than one category then cool okay um yeah so that's how you um go from Shopify to WordPress without any Plug-In or anything um yeah that's all I have for this episode um thank you for listening have a nice day bye