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building an indie business and the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds. People on the internet, call me supremerumham. And this is a building an indie business podcast recorded in the indie business studio. Okay, so today, I wanted to go over Shopify tools. So Shopify has like this. It's like a set of tools, you can get it at And they're very interesting. So I wanted to go over them one by one, then just talk about it. Maybe mess with a few things. So the first thing is they have a logo maker. Um, so get started. Let's say I have a logo and I want a logo in tech. Then you could build one that's bold, calm, reliable, classic, energetic, elegant, creative, conservative, friendly, futuristic, industrial, and vated. Vintage, strong, natural, modern, youthful, none of the above. So, I kinda want to see let's do a futuristic one. Business theme, let's just do it for smashing themes. Smashing themes, slogan. Hope helping e commerce stores, smash. Sales records. Okay. Um, let's say online store. Okay, let's say social media. Right. Okay. And I didn't have to do anything they have me or they gave me like six options. And they're all decent. Not bad. First, just like a social logo. I might actually use some of these. So let's look at another one. I'm going to create um, what kind of logo should I create bold, calm, energetic. Let's do vintage. And then let's do a classic one as well. And I'll do modern later for myself. Oh, that's awkward. Okay, let's do vintage. Oh, we can do it all at once. Okay. Our only three brand values okay, so are needed. So let's do modern. Okay. And it's for social now, these are all the same logos. What? Um Go back. Go back. And Shawn Sheena, do vintage then. No futuristic vintage shoes want to start and you can pick a different logo All right, that's it. So that's logomaker Pretty interesting. For Um, okay, then Business Name Generator fine business name. So I'm gonna type in like e commerce website seems okay. We found 100 names containing e commerce website themes. So red fox e commerce, simple e commerce Maple Leaf. viable. Lifetime cultural Chase, pride. Pirate. Not too great. It seems like I would have to have like a theme name or no. I would have to have a an idea of what I wanted for the name. So when you type in smashing themes, it's like capital smashing themes. Smashing themes head Springhill smashing themes. So yeah, business name generators. Isn't that great? Let's do slogan maker now. Slogan maker scrubber slogan, so I'm going to do helping or no. Okay? capture more customers with a great brand. Recall whether you need a catchy slogan for an average, for advertising or as a tagline for your business, our slogan generator will help you come up with the best ideas in an overcrowded market. Your creative and unique business slogan can be the difference mean? Simply enter a term that describes your business or get up to and get up to. So let's just do WordPress themes for E commerce stores for Yeah, that's fine. And does that do anything? Break me off a piece of that WordPress themes for e commerce Store? Okay, pop. Okay, so it's just taking like like slogans that you've heard of, and then putting WordPress themes for E commerce stores in front of them. Plop Plop, Fizz, Fizz, oh, what a WordPress theme for ecommerce store it is. Hands that do dishes can be soft as your WordPress themes for e commerce Store will leave the WordPress themes for E commerce stores on for you. Okay. Yeah, that sucks, too. Okay, the next thing is a domain name generator. And it's the same thing here. Enter the word or phrase that you want to include in your domain name. So smashing Bing. Okay and then does Boutique and solid just smashing thing? Okay. Yeah. Scrolling, interesting. Spiky theme free, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, and then there's link pop link pop is actually really interesting. I have one, but I never use it. So, link pop allows you to create like a like a soft, like a link summary of what you want people to see. And so instead of having one link to one of your things that you want to show people you can have your link pop, and people can see multiple things and you can have it yourself, right. Um, so basically, this is like an online business card. I actually have one setup, I just never use it. So you're able to add all your social media. So I add patreon to I added my Tik Tok Youtube, Twitter. Instagram smashing themes has an Instagram account, but it's empty email. And my email is spelled wrong. And then I have the store. You can also add products, add media, add affiliate links. Um, yeah, so what I have is I have all those links that I told you about. And then I have a link to the store and then I have a link to the podcast, because those are the two most important links in my life. Just kidding. Not in my life. But in my world, let's say in my online life, that's a better phrasing for it. You can also add your LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook to I don't have a Facebook, I don't have a Pinterest and LinkedIn. I'd like to separate my professional life from my podcast life, let's say even though my podcast is on my LinkedIn, um, so there's also who is domain lookup and this is where you can search if a domain is taken. So if we do smashing you search it goto Okay, it's loading. Um, yeah, you can see it's registered at Name Cheap. And it just says it's unavailable. smashing things is registered. But let's do. Um, let's do podcast. Themes podcast theme has registered Okay. Um, okay. Ba ib Because I dash podcast right. Is that taken? A Whois record for Bab podcast was not found. Um, does that mean I can buy it? Okay, it doesn't give me the option to actually buy it that's weird. It tells me Oh top available domains. And then it's like, where you can sign up for Shopify to buy your domain. Okay, that's weird. It doesn't give me the option to buy the one I actually typed in. But, okay, next one. will sell marketplace sock up your store with unique products on handshake? Okay, oh, okay, I know what this is. So I've talked about this before. But uh, so Shopify is mainly for for drop shippers. So what a handshake is, is it's a marketplace that Shopify bought that will connect you to drop shipping brands. So you can type in, I don't know, let's do phone case. And it will show you different phone cases that you can buy to then drop ship. Yes. Okay. So that's handshake. Um, then there's a pay stub generator, create a cloud base pay stub, pay stubs for on the fly for your business. So if you have employees, you enter your company information, you enter your employee information, enter your income information, enter deduction information. Then you create the pay stub, then QR code generator, which is pretty cool. I don't have any reason to create a QR code right now. But if I did, it would be here, where I would create my, um, QR code. And you can do a website URL, a phone number, a text message or plain text. Okay, yes. The next thing is a terms of service generator. Pretty basic. They also have this app in Shopify itself. There's a tab where you can create these. You can also create a privacy policy a refund policy. And it's like, Hey, do you want to type your own policy? Or we can generate it for you and you click the button and it creates all these policies for you. So that's cool. Then there's a business card maker. Let's check that out. Yeah, so first name, last name, company name, job title, email, website, address, city. Country ZIP Code state. You can add a lot a logo. And that would be your business card. Um, but I don't understand. Is this digital or is this like, Oh, I'm going to have this delivered to my house. Every business owner needs a business card and Shopify makes the creative process super fast and easy. With our free online business card maker. Now you can create beautiful, precious digital printable business card templates without spending time and money on a graphic designer. Simply fill out the information below. Add your business logo and download you're ready to print. personalize this. Oh, okay. So you create the business card and then you go to a business card maker And then you give them your design that you just made here. Yes. Okay. Um, the next thing is the invoice generator. So I guess the same thing as a PE sub generator but for invoices, the opposite. Then there's a purchase order. Purchase order template create easily create purchase orders for your business. So same thing as all the other templates, privacy policy generator, shipping label template, refund policy generator, Bill of Lading template easily create complete bill of lading forms for your business. I studied this in college. But let's have a refresher on what a bill of lading is. A bill of lading is a document issued by a carrier to acknowledge receipt cargo for shipment, although the term has historically related to only carried by see a bill of lading made it may today be used for any type of carriage of goods. Okay, so that's for shipping barcode generator for your products, of course, imagery sizer. Let's play with this. So I upload my super large images that I have been playing with that I created for the podcast. I'm resize your image to compact, or now let's do it large. So we're doing it super large now. My original image is 1500 by 1500. And it's now going to be 4472. So I download that image. And it's clear and it's huge. Okay, that's interesting. I would like a shrinker. That would be nice. Because obviously in the trunk images that I have, then there's a business loan calculator. So loan amount, annual interest rate, length of length of your loan and extra monthly payments. Oh, yeah. Okay. Sorry. Then there's a cm, CPM calculator, make your ads profitable and optimize campaigns. I could probably use some work maybe. Okay, so you enter your total campaign costs. So $50. And impressions, I want 1000 impressions. And then they will email you the results. Okay. Great. Not actually, but it's a thing. Okay. And after that is a profit margin calculator. And then there is exchange marketplace. This is where you can look for different Oh, businesses that are for sale. So someone, let's say I create smashing games and I get tired of it. Like, it's probably unlikely because I don't have anything better to do in terms of creating a new business. Let's just say I want to sell it, I can go here and list it. And I just say the average revenue per month, average profit from per month and inventory value. And then this one has an average revenue from the firt per month. And that's $10,000. And then the average profit is 3000. Almost 4000. And the asking price is 10x. That so $30,000. And sometimes it'll tell you what it is. Let's see this one is in electronics and gadgets. It's an established business, it is inventory. It has an inventory of $2,000. I was recently why is this business started, I was reselling us and I used electronics on eBay. And I wanted to take the next step to own so it doesn't actually tell you what the business is in this case, but yeah, it tells you the revenue and blah blah blah blah, blah, blah. Um Okay, and then there's this one I don't know what it sells. But they have the link here. And they sell dog accessories. Okay. Sounds fun. And then there's discount calculator. And they don't ask for your email. So it says you have the calculation type, you can discount off one item, percentage increase or decrease fixed amount off to for one discount, sales tax calculator. You apply your discount 25 and the amount of $100. And of course, the discount is now 75. or Now the price is now 75. Great. And I think that is the last tool. Oh, there's more stuff too. There's also so there's that's the main stuff. And then you go to the footer. And it has like, options to find products in your store. for drop shipping. Yeah, takes you to shipping. Talks about drop shipping, learn about drop shipping, hear success stories. There's an FAQ, then there's fine business courses on Shopify, learn that Shopify learn, then there's a link to exchange, then there's fine free high quality images on burst. create stunning logos and seconds. And then there's a link to handshake. So I don't get what this is for. But yep. So that's You know, maybe you need one of those tools. Maybe you don't. I think this episode had a lot of value. So thank you for listening. Have a nice day. Bye